Regret the error?

An article in Slate talks about the low correction rates in newspapers.

I know we are all human and everyone makes mistakes. Even The New Yorker had this sentence in a story about Barry Bonds' record home run:

Bonds’s record dinger, in the fifth inning of a night game against the Washington Nationals at Petco Park, in San Francisco[...]

(To clarify, Petco Park is in San Diego; AT&T Park is in San Francisco.)

If you are really into newspaper corrections, click over to Regret the Error and read some of the amusing corrections that do make it into the papers.



Using the word trifecta to mean three things seems a poor substitute for triad. Also, since trifecta has its roots in the word perfecta, I tend to associate it with positive wins rather than anything negative.

To round out the top three, I like to see the word triumvir or triumvirate when dealing with a group of three that holds power.

The search page on The New York Times' Web site gives good, quick examples of how trifecta, triad and triumvirate are used.