"You" can "quote" me on "that"

The Associated Press ran a story about a blog that tracks gratuitous usage of quotation marks.

I believe that most writers and editors know how to use quotation marks, but this blog would be really good for sign makers.


Swing and a miss

Last week I was editing a sports story when I saw this paragraph:
An awful sound, something like a broken plastic bat hitting a Whiffle ball, echoed throughout RFK Stadium when Rajai Davis made contact against starter Tim Redding in the second inning.
I am all for capitalizing proper nouns, but Whiffle ball, as the story has it, is not the name of the perforated plastic ball. The trademarked name is Wiffle ball.

The generic name for it is whiffle ball, so it may be lowercased.

So what could you call an error like that? A whiff?