Super-duper fun on Super Tuesday

A lot has been thrown around about Super Tuesday (sometimes this year called Super-Duper Tuesday or Tsunami Tuesday), but just how big is it?

Well, from The Washington Post:
Democrats will hold contests in 22 states and one territory, with 1,681 delegates at stake. On that day alone, 52 percent of all pledged delegates will be awarded, compared with the 4 percent that will have been allocated in the four opening competitions of the year. Republicans have scheduled contests in 21 states for Feb. 5, known as Super Tuesday, with 975 delegates at stake. Those delegates make up 41 percent of the total available, according to the Republican National Committee.

So what will be the most fun this year? Watching the bad puns in headlines, of course.

I think that the interest in this year's primary elections means more newspapers across the nation will play up the results (or lack thereof). With the added attention, there will be no dearth of "super-duper" and "tsunami" puns on the front pages of newspapers, too.

Here some that come to mind:
(Winner) washes away competition on Tsunami Tuesday
Tide turns for XXXXX on Tsunami Tuesday

I am sure there plenty more. Leave a comment with your bad pun headline(s).

But on the serious side, Politico.com has a map with a lot of useful information about each state. I know I will have it up in a browser tab when I am slotting the national election page Tuesday.

Leave a cooment with useful election information sites and I will compile them (if I get enough) for a post before Feb. 5.

Oh, and vote on the new poll over to right there about what the primary election on Feb. 5 should be called.


JD said...

Do you think it is slightly bad taste to use 'tsunami' in this way (ie 'Tsunami Tuesday'), bearing in mind the thousands that died in the 2004 tsunami? You didn't coin the phrase, of course!

I was trying to think of something comparable: imagine the UK Prime Minister having a disastrous day and the UK press referring to it as 'Brown's 9/11'...

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