Catching up on my reading

David Sullivan, whom I know through ACES, recently started That's the Press, Baby. In his own words:

My aim is, as those of you who know me know, to speak on behalf of the printed newspaper, but not just out of slavish tradition or nostalgic warmth. But to find a way for the newspaper to find a renewed and viable place in a world in which, if everything is available instantly and immediately, nothing much is special -- which a newspaper needs to be.

And then there is, of course, much conversation about the post on Refections of a Newsosaur that poses the question (not begs the question): Can newspapers afford editors?

It's not as though this is new, which you can see at John McIntyre's blog and Bill Walsh's blog.

There are enough links to reading material on those two sites to keep you busy for some time.

Also, look back at this post if you get time (or haven't read it yet).