It could be funny...

... if it weren't so true. (But it is still funny.)

Read this brief piece from The Onion.


Beth W. said...

Oh god ... it's horrible. I used to proofread my dad's market reports and would have to go through and sweep away all the commas. One time I asked him why there were so many, and he said, "I put one in every time I stop to look something up, or get up from my desk." I still don't know if he was joking. I kind of think he wasn't.

Editrix said...

Ugh. Reading something that's littered with commas is like watching a YouTube video that takes forever to buffer. It feels so, jerky, because you process, some information, and, then you wait, for more, information, to arrive.

Justin said...

It's the curse of being able to read properly that disables a piece of writing littered with too many commas.

If, like many lazy readers, you simply apply a bulldozer philosophy to reading; blocking out most of the punctuation altogether, commas don't really have too much of a negative effect.

However, if, like some, you find, on the whole, that introducing commas, or other punctuation marks, becomes more of a, shall we say, series of jerky, irritating, and pointless interruptions, then you'll agree, with 'editrix', that too many commas, can, drive, you, mad.

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Sabine said...

Great, a new kind, of inflation, maybe, someone got paid, for all, these commas, too bad, it's not us,,, :-O

CopyEditL said...

That piece was priceless. The story Beth W. posted was too funny.

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